Printing technologies

We currently use the FDM-Technology (Fused Deposition Modeling) to create 3D-components. Broadly speaking, printers that use this technology work like a moveable hot glue gun. The print head is a heated extruder that melts the supplied material in wire form and applies it on a platform.  It makes X, Y and Z movements and therefore creates the 3D-model layer by layer. Beside this model material, support material will be applied if necessary. Using support material allows any shape of a 3D-model. After the completion of the printing process the support material will be completely removed. To warrant better homogeneity of the 3D-model, the printing process takes place in an enclosed space at a temperature of 80C.

       --> printer type: HP Designjet Color 3D-printer

       --> model material: ABS plastic

       --> maximal measurements in mm: 203 x 203 x 152 (L x W x H)  

       --> layer thickness: 0.254 or 0.33 mm

       --> colours of the model material: 8 (ivory, black, red,  olive, nectarin, fluorescent yellow, blue, grey)

         --> implementation period per component: depending on the measurements and complexity, usually a week

         --> areas of application: extensive (engineering, architecture, modelmaking etc.) 

We use the 3D-software Solid Works for the creation of the 3D-files.

       --> possible file formats 3D: .stl, .step, .iges, .x_t 
       --> possible file formats 2D: .dxf, .dwg
If you have a different file format, send the file to us nevertheless. We will try to convert the files into one of the file formats mentioned above.
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