For more than 20 years we work in the branch of special engineering. We create production documents, purchase components and assemble and implement them. Due to the fact that the constructions were (and still are) usually quite complex, we began to use visual models early on because models simplify the communication between the involved construction parties. At first these models simply consisted of glued wooden frames with the dimensions of the soon-to-be build construction.

In 2003 the 3D-CAD-software Solid Works was launched. It can be used to create high-resolution 3D-models that show each individual component in any elevation or section. Due to this software and our high-performance Notebooks we can nowadays show our clients the stage of development three-dimensional where- and whenever it is needed. Therefore wooden models are no more necessary.

In 2012 we decided on purchasing a 3D-printer. Although the usage of 3D-CAD simplified the creation and presentation of the construction to the client a lot, there sometimes still were unpleasant surprises when the construction was finished. This mostly happened with constructions that should fit perfectly in one’s hand (eg. housing of miscellaneous devices) or when there should components be installed in those (eg. wires would not fit where originally indended). Our experience shows that in these cases the usage of 3D-printouts is very useful because in a short time prototypes can be produced to really comprehend the soon-to-be-build construction by touching it.

But the usage of 3D-printers is not only useful for producing visual models or prototypes for complex constructions, the 3D-printouts can also be used as a component of the construction itself. Especially custom-made items are often very expensive when produced by other manufacturing methods. 3D-printouts are of course strong and accurate enough for this case of application. It is also possible to make mechanical processings (threads, bearing seats etc.) if necessary.


Here you can see a video about how our printer is working - the task was to create an advertising medium or a visual model to show the possibilities of 3D-printing to our clients.

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